Dena Kouremetis


   Parenting, Psychology Today, Life After 50, 20/20 Hindsight, travel, Greece, Greek-Americans, challenging children

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A journalist, author and freelance writer of books, blogs, newspaper articles, magazine and web site content, Dena Kouremetis began her career writing for newspapers in the late '90s, after which her Under Construction articles became syndicated. She later cyber-penned Solo Props, geared to the sole proprietor business owner, for In addition to continuously adding to her personal blog about life from a 20/20 perspective, Kouremetis now contributes to with The Unedited Offspring, where she speaks to the parents of challenging children. More recently she added (R)aging with Grace —a blog about aging with some twists thrown in.  Her now-grown daughter authored the New York Times best seller #Girlboss (made into a Netflix series in April, 2017). She calls getting her off-the-wall child safely to adulthood exciting, enlightening, maddening and rewarding all at once, and looks to help other women raise strong, confident daughters.