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It all started when...

...I gave birth to a child who would live her life off the grid from a fairly young age. Providence decided she would be my only crack at motherhood, but perhaps that was as it should be, since she was and always has been a complex soul. Now an amazingly successful woman who unwittingly became a role model to millions of young girls, my baby girl went on to inspire me to want to write about square-peg-round-hole children for parents who, like me, often felt isolated and confused. When I was invited to be a blogger for Psychology Today, I jumped at the chance to share my experiences and research with others from a mother's (not a psychologist's or an educator's) perspective.  I thank editor Kaja Perina for taking a chance on me and providing this unique, wonderful forum to speak to the parents of other "unedited offspring" everywhere. Not all my PT blog posts are contained here, and more recently, I have also begun blogging about the passing of time with my newer blog (R)aging with Grace.